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The United States is a fake country that has no culture. It’s easy to manipulate such a country, and to channel its people. The U.S. has a façade shown to the rest of the world, but few know of its reverse side as thoroughly as Indians do. The picture people see is not the reality of today’s United States. Even the President who’s in office today wasn’t really elected, like back in the year 2000. Young people certainly strive to get here to achieve their dreams. But really anyone coming only has one reason: they want to become rich and successful, and they want to get their opportunities [to succeed]. Once you talk to them you realize they don’t even dream of anything beyond money-making. This was the reason Europeans came here. This is the principle of the American life. The world is sick and tired of American prosperity. The world is waking up.

Native American activist & Lakotah citizen Russell Means who passed away on Monday. (via thepeoplesrecord)

[Monday, Oct. 22, 2012 — DakotaPuma]

There’s No Tomorrow (by incubatepictures)

  • "It took nature about 5 million years to create the fossil fuels that the world consumes in one year."
  • "In America, food travels approximately 1,500 miles from farm to customer."
  • Growth of use will consume any energy or resource saved through conservation.”
  • "The issues of energy shortages, resource depletion, topsoil loss, and pollution are all symptoms of a single, larger problem— GROWTH."
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