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Time to Update 1980s Air Quality Standards for Drilling in the Arctic | Center for American Progress



Oil drilling in the Arctic poses numerous environmental risks, one of which is increasing emissions of soot- and smog-forming pollutants. Air pollution from offshore drilling operations poses unique risks in the Arctic—risks not found in the Gulf of Mexico, the other federal body of water under BOEM’s jurisdiction. For example, the Inupiat people and other native Alaskans spend days, if not longer, hunting, whaling, and fishing as part of their subsistence culture. And oil drilling releases black carbon, a light-absorbing component of particulate matter 2.5, or soot. Although black carbon—a super greenhouse gas—is also released in the Gulf, CAP has shown that it is a particularly potent accelerator of warming and snow and ice melt in the Arctic.


300,000+ people from all over the world marched for climate justice yesterday afternoon in New York City ahead of the United Nations Climate Summit happening this week. 

Although the march’s organization & some participating groups were problematic, the sheer number of people who flooded Manhattan yesterday was unreal. We can use these gatherings to support each other’s organizing work, connect our struggles, share stories & strategize our next moves. 

Flood Wall Street direct actions & civil disobedience to call out climate change profiteers is happening right now at Battery Park. Updates coming soon.

All photos by the awesome Jenna Pope

Why We March | Blog, Perspectives |


Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee:

See you there!

Agreed to by the People’s Climate March Host Committee on July 17, 2014.

To encourage the broadest and most diverse involvement possible, to respect our many communities and the important issues we are supporting, to help create a family-friendly mobilization and to help ensure the safety of all participants, we expect everyone taking part in the People’s Climate March on Sept. 21, 2014 to respect the following agreements:

We will use no violence (physical or verbal) towards any person.
We will not destroy or damage property.
We will promote a tone of respect, honesty, transparency, and accountability in our actions.
We will not carry anything that can be construed as a weapon, nor possess (or consume) any alcohol or drugs.
We will all hold each other accountable to respecting these agreements.

Leonard Peltier Climate Marchers!!!

We are Assembling at: Central Park West
Between 61st and 62nd St
Your Subways are: the “C” to 72nd Street or the ” 1” to 66th
We are part of the larger Contingent of Indigenous Peoples.

Find your tribe and MARCH!!!

A growing coalition of San Diego organizations and individuals are working together to ensure that our local leaders know that San Diegans are also watching, and we too demand climate action now. We are working to bring hundreds of San Diegans together for the People’s Climate March San Diego to support the marchers in New York and to call for immediate action on climate change here at home. We will call for solutions that work for people and the planet  -  a rapid transition from fossil fuels to renewables and energy efficiency, and a just and sustainable economy. We will press our elected leaders to implement a strong Climate Action Plan for San Diego; develop sustainable water policies; build affordable mass transit and facilitate healthy communities; and support green jobs and clean energy.


  • 12:30 Gather at City Hall / Civic Center  -  live music, signs, chants
  • 1:00 March welcome and kick off! Todd Gloria, President of the San Diego City Council, will talk about the importance of a strong Climate Action Plan for the City
  • 1:40 At America Plaza Monique Lopez, Policy Advocate, Environmental Health Coalition, will talk about transportation choices and policies including transit, biking, carpooling and more
  • 2:00 March arrives at the County Administration Park  -  more live music


  • 2:15 Rally begins! Speakers include: Richard Barrera, Secretary-Treasurer of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council, AFL-CIO and Board Member, San Diego Unified School District, City Council member David Alvarezand Kevin Beiser, President, San Diego Unified School District. Several fun activities that will get the whole audiencemoving are also part of the mix!
  • 3:30 Rally wraps up, more music
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