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BREAKING: Our two-time tree-sitter Jessica “Felix” Clark was just taken to jail after pleading guilty to criminal charges. Today, Jessica had the choice between two plea deals: 1 year of probation or 26 days in jail. Jessica chose to accept jail time in order to avoid a lengthy probationary period and to highlight the injustice of tar sands industry, while standing in solidarity with political prisoners across the globe.

To support Jessica, you can send mail and books (from a publisher) to the LaPorte County Jail!

Jessica Clark
809 State Suite 201A
La Porte IN, 46350

See this page for more mail guidelines:

Read more of Jessica’s statement to the court below:

… Both tree-sits were in opposition to Enbridge’s expansion activities on the same pipeline which bursted in July 2010, causing what is now regarded as the largest inland tar sands spill in US history. The disaster led to 900 thousand gallons of diluted bitumen spilling into Talmadge Creek and eventually into over 40 miles of the Kalamazoo River. To date, the spill has not been cleaned up, and Enbridge continues to prioritize the pipeline’s expansion over cleaning up the disastrous mess the pipeline left behind.

—Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands (Apr. 16, 2014)

One Year After Exxon's Arkansas Spill, 8 Crucial Questions Still Unanswered


Anti-Keystone comments outnumber supportive ones 2 to 1

“We’re hearing from people all across this country who know that the Keystone XL pipeline is absolutely not in our nation’s best interest,” said Amanda Starbuck, the Rainforest Action Network’s climate program director, in a statement. “The two million comments delivered today reflect a huge wave of resistance to the pipeline. From the Oglala Lakota Sioux fighting to stop the pipeline from entering their territory to the hundreds of students arrested at the White House gates, we stand united with everyday Americans who are ready to do what it takes to stop this pipeline, once and for all.”

The Washington Post (Mar. 7, 2014)

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