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History indicates that we don’t accept large-scale change easily, especially when this change challenges our accepted beliefs. It generally takes a crisis to overcome our resistance. The challenge of sustainability, particularly climate change, has characteristics that make our normal resistance to change both deeper and longer lasting. It is an enormous system-wide challenge that affects every person and every country. It requires sweeping change in every aspect of our lives and our society. It also questions many fundamental beliefs about growth and the market economy and threatens some very powerful interests. All this deepens our resistance. Unfortunately, this means the crisis will have to be very large and completely undeniable before we respond.

Paul Gilding, a former head of Greenpeace who is now a leading environmental business expert

This blunt yet truthful quote succinctly sums up exactly why we - at the individual and national and international levels - continue to reject the most obvious and meaningful solutions to climate change: they require monumental change at every single level of society.

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