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Faye Wattleton, who used to be the president of Planned Parenthood, said that in every country she’s gone to on Eeirth, there has been a group of women who have said, “Look, we would love to have birth control and have control over this aspect of our lives.” And this includes the Moslem countries, and it includes the countries in which women have the approximate status of cattle. And so it isn’t as if a government’s going to have to come in and force people to do something they don’t want to do. It’s giving people, especially women, more control over their own destinies. One of the greatest methods of slowing population growth is simply empowerment of women. In every country in which women have gotten more education and more power over their own lives, the population growth rate has dropped. What’s nice about this is, we see a problem environmentally, and the best solution to it is more human power, more human freedom. So we have a win-win situation, in that the more we can empower human beings who are female, the better off the environment ofthe planet’s going to be.

Kim Stanley Robinson

SFRA Convention in Reno, 1993

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