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After months of hibernation, a polar bear mom and her cubs awake, hungry and in desperate need of food.
Feeding her cubs has become increasingly difficult because of global warming. Melting sea ice now means she has to swim out to sea to find food. Farther and farther her cubs follow behind her, trying to keep up as best they can. They have to keep pushing until they find food. And sadly, they don’t always make it.
Oil giant Shell has already begun exploratory drilling off the coast of Alaska. If oil is found, things will only get worse for this polar bear mother and her cubs, and other creatures in the Arctic.
Shell is not in the Arctic alone. Greenpeace is there as well with our ship, the Esperanza, documenting what’s happening below the surface where Shell plans to drill. We’re going to make sure the world sees what’s going on – especially if something goes wrong.
We’ve had incredible support from over one million people around the world who have signed on to support declaring the high Arctic a global sanctuary off limits to industrialization. Thanks to the help of Paul McCartney, Jude Law and people like you we’ve surpassed our original goal of one million signatures, and have set a new goal. When we reach two million signatures we’re going to take the names, put them on a flag for the future, and plant it at the bottom of the sea 4km beneath the North Pole.
Last year alone Shell admitted to causing 207 ‘significant’ spills worldwide in places like Nigeria and Britain’s North Sea. Any one of those would be an even greater disaster in the harsh waters of the Arctic. For the creatures of the Arctic we have a chance to make history.
Together we can make the creation of a global sanctuary in the high Arctic a reality. I know it’s possible because Greenpeace achieved the very same thing twenty years ago when Antarctica was declared a World Park, off-limits to industrialization. This is a long-term campaign. The oil industry won’t back down, and neither will we. But our plan and the creatures that call the Arctic home all depend on your support. Greenpeace doesn’t take a dime from corporations or governments.
*PLEASE VISIT ~~>     please help stop the oil companies from drilling in the arctic.

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