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Would we accept “if you don’t want to get shot, just do what the EPA regulator tells you”? Would we yield to “if you don’t want your kid tased, do what the Deputy Superintendent of Education tells you”? Would we accept “if you don’t want to get tear gassed, just do what your Congressman tells you?” No. Our culture of individualism and liberty would not permit it. Yet somehow, through generations of law-and-order rhetoric and near-deification of law enforcement, we have convinced ourselves that cops are different, and that it is perfectly acceptable for them to be able to order us about, at their discretion, on pain of violence.

It’s not acceptable. It is servile and grotesque.
Sunil Dutta Tells It Like It Is About American Policing | Popehat (via brutereason)

Eight ways climate change is making the world more dangerous


Climate change is making the world more dangerous.

You can see how, in 8 charts: 

  1. Flooding was the leading cause of disaster from 2000-2010
  2. As of 2010, heat waves are one of the leading causes of deaths — they weren’t even registered as a threat in the 70s
  3. Disasters are 5.5 more expensive mostly due to floods
  4. Nearly all of the 8,835 disasters – about 89% - were due to flooding and storms

Read the rest on the Guardian


This is Martha, the last Passenger Pigeon. She died on September 1, 1914 in the Cincinnati Zoo. Shortly thereafter, her body was packed in ice and sent by railroad to Washington, DC, to become a part of the National Museum of Natural History’s collection as a lasting legacy of the harm that can be done to the natural world by humans. Just decades prior, the Passenger Pigeon was the most abundant bird in North America. The disappearance of the species helped ignite the modern conservation movement.

For the Centennial of her death, Martha was recently brought out for display and is currently on view in the exhibition Once There Were Billions, Vanished Birds of North America. Sponsored by the Smithsonian Libraries in partnership with the National Museum of Natural History and the Biodiversity Heritage Library, the exhibition tells the story of the last Passenger Pigeon, a member of a species that once numbered in the billions, along with the disappearance of the Great Auk, Carolina Parakeet, and Heath Hen. These extinctions reveal the fragile connections between species and their environment. 

The Smithsonian Libraries, National Museum of Natural History, and the Biodiversity Heritage Library will be hosting a Twitter Chat on September 2, 2014 from 2-3 pm Eastern Time. This is your chance to ask questions about the Passenger Pigeon, extinction, and biodiversity literature.

Follow @SILibraries, @NMNH, and @BioDivLibrary and use the hashtag #Martha100 to tweet your questions.

Forum on The Supreme Court’s War on Women,
Minorities and Workers
at California Western School of Law on Thursday, September 4, beginning at 7 pm.  Speakers will talk about the horrible SCOTUS decisions on women (Hobby Lobby, etc.), civil rights (voting rights, affirmative action), workers rights and, of course, Citizens United. 

225 Cedar Street, San Diego, CA 92101 (first floor)

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